Friday, August 31, 2012

The "Write" Way to Repurpose a Drawer!

 Recently I purchased two drawers, that had somehow become separated from their proper home, so that I could use the attached hardware for another project.  One day I was  looking at these old drawers trying to think of another use for them because I absolutely hate to waste things and I really love to repurpose things!  Repurposing is the act of using something in a different way than it was originally designed to be used.  This is one of my favorite ways to decorate, too!  It's always interesting to see functional pieces used in new ways.  Think industrial carts with metal wheels turned into coffee tables.  It adds a dynamic, surprising twist to your decor.  It's so fun to create something that is "one of a kind!"

I decided to turn them into organizational storage trays.  I thought that they could be used to store all those smaller scrapbooking, sewing or craft supplies together.  That way they could be tucked away in a closet or cabinet and then easily pulled out when it's time to work with them.  I added a chalkboard front so that they can be labeled and two handles on the sides for easy carrying.  

I thought they were just adorable and I realized that they would be great as serving trays as well.  Imagine bringing your child's cupcakes to school with the message "Happy Birthday!" on the front.  They would be great at those potluck dinners because you could write the name of the dish on the front, rather than answer the question "what is this?" over and over again.  At a buffet style dinner, they add charm and an interesting design element.  They could be incorporated into a beautiful tablescape to showcase the season, for example in the fall you could fill it with gourds, pumpkins, fall leaves and pine cones.  Finish it off with a message like "Happy Thanksgiving" or "I am Grateful."  Imagine all the ways that you could use one!

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  1. Here's another great idea for one of these drawers! A lovely photographer purchased one of these at the flea market to use in photographing babies. She plans to drape the drawer with a blanket and put the child's name on the front. Your creativity inspires me!