Monday, February 4, 2013

Storage Can Be Beautiful!

Author's Note: I wrote this new post for January, but then my camera broke, leaving me without the pictures I need to accompany the piece.   So here it is finally!  

Welcome to 2013!  Can you believe it?  Time seems to be flying by faster than ever!  This time of year is one of reflection as well as looking forward to the year to come.  While I have been involved in home decorating for some time now, this past year brought a new passion for painting furniture and home decor.  It has been a joy!  I love the pure creativity of first finding the inspirational piece, then imagining it's new form in color and design, and then the act of creating it and seeing it come to life. I feel like a kid with a blank sheet of paper in front of me...all of the possibilities!  I want to express my gratitude to all who have encouraged me and supported me this past year.  Thanks again to those who allowed me to work on a custom piece for you, or purchased one of my creations at the flea market or through Craigslist!  It's been a blessing to meet and work with each of you!

As I look forward, I find myself making "to do" lists in my head.  They are not only for the day or the week, but for the whole year.  I think most of us feel a strong desire to finish projects or start new ones and to get organized.  An organized space allows us to replace chaos with a sense of peace, and who couldn't use more of that?  These days there are a plethora of products, magazines and blogs out there that encourage us to not only create organized spaces, but to do it beautifully.  There are all sorts of containers to hold your STUFF, be it office supplies, toys, books, gadgets or clothes.  Which you choose for your home is up to you.  Will it be a bright green box or an earthy woven basket?  Will it be covered in a lovely printed fabric or made of something organic like sea grass?  The details are what make your home uniquely yours.

Storage can be beautiful!  In keeping with that theme, I decided to paint this great old dresser in two tones, Old White and Coco.  

I then added a Moroccan stencil detail incorporating the drawer knobs into the design.  I used a little dark wax to accentuate the details of the carved wood.

That's not all!  I painted the insides of the drawers in Provence and stenciled them too, so that when you put your clothes away, you are rewarded with a little surprise for your eyes only.

You have to put your stuff somewhere, right?  It might as well be beautiful!  Then being organized might not feel like such a chore.  Okay, I'm not buying that either, but if you would like to put your clothes in this dresser, send me an email, it's for sale.  Happy New Year and happy organizing!


  1. Melissa how do you stop the drawers from sticking after you've painted them?

  2. Livy, I've actually never had that problem. Is it sticking at the sides or on the bottom? Could be humidity, I guess. You could put a top coat over the paint. That might help. I have a wax top coat on this piece. I don't usually paint the track on the bottom of the drawer. Another "trick" to help the drawer slide more smoothly is to run candle wax over the drawer slide and it's track inside the dresser frame. Buff out to remove excess wax and make smooth. You could do this anywhere the wood is "sticking." Works like magic on old furniture!