Saturday, March 24, 2012

BAM!- Let's Kick It Up A Notch!

Sometimes, even though a piece of furniture is nice the way it is, you just need to spice it up a little. I decided that's exactly what I needed to do with this recent purchase, a Broyhill server.  "Let's kick it up a notch!"  That is the well known catchphrase of the famous chef from my hometown, Emeril Lagasse. Not only does his philosophy apply to food, it also applies to style.

BAM!  The addition of some Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue paint, took this piece from ordinary to extraordinary!  When you add a pop of color to a space, it can bring it to life.  Here we are able to do that without changing the wall color, but instead by working with the more neutral tones of the foyer.  The color energizes an otherwise boring space. What a great way to greet your guests!

A little storage cabinet can serve a multitude of purposes.  Small enough to fit just about anywhere, it is perfect here as a foyer/entrance table, a great place to store keys, book bags, or purses. It would also work as a flat screen TV stand, with plenty of space to stash away your DVDs and gaming equipment.  It could provide extra storage in a bathroom, bedroom, living room or kitchen for just about anything.  Of course, you could always use it as it was intended, as a server in your dining room.  So why not spice up your life and "kick your style up a notch" with some painted furniture? 

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  1. Hi, beautiful work! I have a dresser I wanted to paint in the same Annie Sloan color. Did you wax or poly your piece? There's a nice gleam to your dresser.